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Aquaculture was stated to become the principle food source, and instrumental of the creation of employment and economical opportunities (enterprise) in the 21st century. FAO statistics of 2008 showed that aquaculture production has reached 47% of total world fisheries production, and estimated fifty percent of the consumed fish by 2030 (FAO, 2008).

Department of Aquaculture of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of IPB (Bogor Agricultural University), has the mandate to develop science, technology and management of freshwater, brackish water, and marine; including fish, water plants and other aquatic organisms (aquatic biota) culture, which is environmentally sound and sustainable. Therefore the Department of Aquaculture has the competence and is responsible for the development of technology and human resources development in aquaculture in Indonesia.

As an implementation of the mandate and duty, Department of Aquaculture develops undergraduate (bachelorette) education programs (S1) followed by postgraduate study programs (S2/S3) generating graduates that competent to solve aquaculture problems and develop sciences and technology: in the field of a) Technology and Aquaculture management, b) Reproduction and Genetics of Aquatic Organisms, c) Fish Nutrition, d) Health Aquatic Organisms, and e) Environmental Aquaculture.