Genetics and Reproduction of Aquatic Organism (GenRep) division focused on developing aquatic organism reproduction science and technology, domestication, and genetic improvement to increase aquaculture production and the performance of the fish


Responsive Table



Name Expertise
Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zairin Junior, M.Sc. Fish Reproduction
Dr. Ir. Odang Carman, M.Sc Fish Genetics
Dr. Ir. Agus Oman Sudrajat, M.Sc Fish Reproduction
Dr. Alimuddin, S.Pi., M.Sc Fish Genetics
Dr. Ir. Dinar Tri Soelistyowati, DEA Fish Genetics
Dr. Ir. Harton Arfah, M.Si Fish Reproduction
Fajar Maulana, S.Pi, M.Si Fish Reproduction