In addition, DoA has several support staffs to handle educational works and scientific projects.

No Name Position
1 Wiyanta, S.E Head of Administration
2 Hani Marlina, A.Md Department treasurer
3 Yuli Rohmalia, A.Md Student Service Centre
4 Maryanta Student Service Centre
5 Ranta Sumardi Laboratorium staff
6 Jajang Ruhyana Laboratorium staff
7 Wasjan Laboratorium staff
8 Lina Mulyani Laboratorium staff
9 Adna Sumadikarta, S.Si Laboratorium staff
10 Retno A.Md Laboratorium Staff
11 Ahmad Farid Firdaus, A.Md IT staff & Administration
12 Iswadi Treasurer support staff
13 Asep Sumardi Administration
14 Henda Wet Labaratorium staff
15 M Rupi M & E staff
16 Henda Wet Laboratorium Staff
17 Madyusi Wet Laboratorium Staff
18 Yaya Hudaya Administration
19 Akbar Firdaus Laboratorium staff
20 Sunandar Wet Labaratorium staff
21 Devi Yusman Wet Labaratoriu