In addition, DoA has several support staffs to handle educational works and scientific projects.

No Name Position
1 Ridwan Hardiansyah, SE. Head of Administration
2 Hani Marlina, A.Md Department Treasurer
3 Yuli Rohmalia, S.Mn. Student Service Centre
4 M. Abdillah Student Service Centre
5 Maryanta Student Service Centre
6 Ranta Sumardi Laboratorium staff
7 Jajang Ruhyana, ST. Laboratorium staff
8 Wasjan Laboratorium staff
9 Lina Mulyani Laboratorium staff
10 Adna Sumadikarta, S.Si. Laboratorium staff
11 Retno Meiliasari N.L., S.Si. Laboratorium Staff
12 Ahmad Farid Firdaus, A.Md IT staff & Administration
13 Iswadi Treasurer support staff
14 Asep Sumardi Administration
15 Eggy Gumelar Staffing Affairs
16 Henda Wet Labaratorium staff
17 Muhamad Rupi M & E staff
18 Henda Wet Laboratorium Staff
19 Madyusi Wet Laboratorium Staff
20 Yaya Hudaya Administration infrastructure
21 Akbar Firdaus Laboratorium staff
22 Sunandar Wet Labaratorium staff
23 Devi Yusman Wet Labaratorium
23 M. Adnan General Administration