Muhammad Zairin Jr.

Muhammad Zairin Jr.

Prof.Dr.Ir. Muhammad Zairin Junior, M.Sc.
Guru Besar


Jurnal Internasional
Irzal Effendi, Kukuh Nirmala, R. Umar Hasan S., Agus O. Sudrajat, Muh. Zairin Junior, Hisashi Kurokura; Water quality fluctuations under floating net cages for fish culture in Lake Cirata and its impact on fish survival; Fisheries Science 2005; Vol.71; 2005; Hal.972-977
Muhammad, M. Zairin Junior, Alimuddin, Odang Carman; Growth Response of Four Nile Tilapia Strains Fed on Diet Containing a Recombinant Teleostean Growth Hormone; International Journal of Sciences : Basic and Application
(IJSBAR); No.ISSN: 2307- 4531; Vol.16; No.1; 2014; Hal.397-406
Rina, Odang Carman, Alimuddin,   Komar Sumantadinata, M. Zairin Junior; Performance of the First Generation Crossbred Common Carp Bearing Growth and Disease KHV Resistance Related Molecular Markers; International Journal of Sciences : Basic and Applied Research ) (IJSBAR); No.ISSN: 2307-4531; Vol.16; No.1; 2014; Hal.475-483
Suci Antoro, Muhammad Zairin Junior, Alimuddin, M. Agus Suprayudi, Irvan Faizal; Growth, biochemical composition, innate immunity and histological performance of the juvenile humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) after treatment with recombinant fish growth hormone,
; Aquaculture Research ,John Wiley & Sons Ltd; website;; No.ISSN: 1365-2109; 2014; Hal.1-13

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